The Tailored Effect

SARTORI. Personal Brand Agency takes a unique look at Female Athlete career + Influencer management.

The origin of SARTORI™ stems from the occupational name sarto, meaning tailor. SARTORI. Tailored for your brand™.

Our focus is to build tailored, personal brands that identify with audiences by creating a brand that is authentic + compelling. A brand that is built on trust, appeal + loyalty. Once a personal brand is developed, we are then able to align + identify the resources that are needed to achieve sustained competitive excellence.

Your personal brand is your identity. It is what people say about you when you are not in the room. It is what people perceive you to be.

SARTORI. Personal Brand Agency will continually invest in building + reviewing the brands of our clients. This will insure our Female Athletes + Influencers will stay relevant throughout their careers, and post. We endeavour to create sustainable futures for all our clients by building powerful personal brands + ensuring solid relationships with our partners.

These Female Athletes + Influencers do more than just represent South Africa on a global stage. They inspire achievement in all South Africans. Through their stories of trial and triumph, South African Female Athletes + Influencers show our nation what is possible, and exemplify what it means to pursue a dream.

SARTORI. Tailored for your brand™