Tailored Services

Each brand is unique, and as such, requires a tailored strategy to achieve the objective.

SARTORI. The Empowered Athlete offers:

  • Personal brand empowerment
  • Athlete career management
  • Influencer career management
  • Athlete sponsorship management

SARTORI. The Empowered Athlete has a separate non-profit organisation with the focus to serve as the primary source of philanthropic resources for Athletes.

By generating critical financial resources, the NPO enables SARTORI™ to make investments in areas that promote excellence and innovation for Athletes that fall part of the NPO, on and off the field of play.

Other NPO services:

  • Outreach programs
  • Educational enrichment on personal brand building

Simplicity, innovation, collaboration + creation, are the essence upon which these services are conceptualised to empower + build your brand.

SARTORI. Tailored for your brand™