Empowering Athletes, is what we believe at SARTORI™

SARTORI™ has further entrenched its offering of building athletes as personal brands. SARTORI™ is the premium agency to offer this much-needed service. Our aim is to empower athletes, not only in their sporting professional careers, but in all avenues of their lives.

We see it, almost daily, in South Africa that professional athletes struggle to achieve greatness, due mainly to financial obstacles. We want to reverse this reality.

With the invaluable addition of Kyllin Vardhan to the SARTORI™ family, The Empowered Athlete has breathed a new form of life. Kyllin was a professional sportsman for over 9 years, + having set up two successful businesses, he understands the needs of sportsmen and women from both a performance + a professional perspective.

Professional athletes have a need for a competent agent advisor who understands the legal, business, + financial issues that an athlete will face. Kyllin has the experience + ability to recognise these needs, protect the athlete from liability, + deal with contractual + financial issues not only during the athlete’s career, but in preparation for the athlete’s life post their sporting career.

SARTORI™. The Empowered Athlete offers:

+          Personal brand empowerment
+          Athlete career management
+          Athlete sponsorship management

SARTORI™ believes that it’s important to look at all aspects of the athlete’s life, + guide them through the difficult decisions, both inside + outside the sports arena.

SARTORI. Tailored for your brand™