SARTORI™. The what, the why + the who?

In one simple sentence, SARTORI™ offers clients tailor-made strategy, sponsorship + marketing communication solutions for your brand. But what does that mean?

A brand is your identity. It is what people say about you when you are not in the room. It is what people perceive you to be. And, because of this, you need to identify with your audience by creating a brand that is authentic + compelling. A brand that is built on trust, appeal + loyalty.

SARTORI™ is a company conceptualised from a deep love and passion to understand the essence of a brand, ensuring its purest form is communicated, chosen, preferred + advocated.

At SARTORI™ we offer three core services:

  • Consulting strategist: with over a decade of experience within the industry, + collaborating with a multiple of brands, we offer strategies in brand, sponsorship + marketing communications (this is inclusive of leveraging strategies to ensure a holistic approach in the success of your brand). The purpose is to ensure that your brand’s true essence is the hero, while aligning to all set business objectives.
  • Sponsorship workshops: there is a gap in the market place when it comes to the education of sponsorship across the African continent. Organisations either want to be involved in the sponsorship space, but do not know how to go about it, or they already are involved, but do not know how to leverage that sponsorship effectively.  The purpose of the workshops is to collaboratively develop sponsorship strategic thinking for your business, aligned with your set objectives.
  • Building personal brands of athletes + industry related professionals: this is a personal passion that allows the big brand/organisations experience to be adapted to building personal brands of athletes + industry related professionals. We are all our own brand, and it is the how you portray your personal brand, which ultimately aids in their success + general awareness to their desired target market.

We believe in the power of building a brand. When SARTORI™ pairs sponsorship + marketing communications together, your brand strategy becomes uniquely powerful.

Allow our passion to enhance your passion and to grow your brand. In true form, the origin of SARTORI™ stems from the occupational name “sarto”, meaning tailor. It is, quite literally, the perfect brand to align with. SARTORI. Tailored for your brand™