SARTORI™ What We Do + Who We Are.


SARTORI. The Empowered Athlete is a company built on passion. It takes a unique look at athlete career + media personality management. Our focus is to build personal brands that identify with audiences by creating a brand that is authentic + compelling. A brand that is built on trust, appeal + loyalty. Once a personal brand is developed, we are then able to align + identify the resources that are needed to achieve sustained competitive excellence.


Amy Sartori, Kyllin Vardhan + Mpho Sekhoto have been involved in the sport, sponsorship, and marketing industries for over a decade.


“We decided to take an important step forward to achieve the goal of increasing support for Athletes by launching SARTORI. The Empowered Athlete.”


“We believe that it is important to look at all aspects of the athlete’s life, + guide them through their difficult decisions.  We believe that the role of the Athlete Advisor does not end with the contract negotiation but rather help to protect + advise the athlete regarding all aspects of their career to ensure a sustainable future.”


Each brand is unique, and as such, requires a tailored strategy to achieve the objective.


SARTORI. The Empowered Athlete offers:

+  Personal brand empowerment

+  Athlete career management

+  Athlete sponsorship management


SARTORI. The Empowered Athlete has a separate non-profit organisation with the focus to serve as the primary source of philanthropic resources for the Athletes. By generating critical financial resources, the NPO enables SARTORI™ to make investments in areas that promote excellence and innovation for Athletes that fall part of the NPO, on and off the field of play.


Other NPO services:

+  Outreach programs

+  Educational enrichment on personal brand building


The Empowered Athlete will continually invest in building + reviewing the brands of our clients. This will insure our Athletes + Media personalities will stay relevant throughout their careers and post. We endeavour to create sustainable futures for all our clients by building powerful personal brands + ensuring solid relationships with our partners.


SARTORI. Tailored for your brand™